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Ian Jeffery Motors

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For everything your car needs.

About Bosch Car Service

Bosch Car Service provides a full-service offering, delivering an outstanding quality service with a personal touch.

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Bosch Car Service is one of the world's largest independent workshop chains. Our international service network encompasses more than 16,000 authorised workshops in 150 countries.

With our wide range of expert services, we can offer everything you could possibly need for your vehicle - from inspection, service and repairs right through to customised retrofitting work. We can ensure no loss of manufacturer's warranty coverage for your vehicle.

In the UK and Ireland, we have over 300 Bosch Car Service, now 130 in New Zealand & Australia who will be happy to assist you.  

Ian Jeffery has been involved in the motor industry as a mechanic for over 18 years he is 3rd generation mechanic, his family owns one of the oldest garages in Ireland, Lee Garage which was established in 1932 by his Grandad Donald Jeffery and for 85 years has been providing quality service to the people of Cork City.


 This is where Ian completed his apprenticeship in Fiat & Alfa Romeo. With years of experience and having dual trades in Light Vehicles and Heavy Diesel Vehicles and working all over the world it seemed only right time to start his own garage. 

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